About us

Anatech Energy Namibia was conceived in 2011 and was formally registered in 2018 in order to provide industry specific renewable / green energy solutions to its customers. Our value proposition combines our deep project management, hands-on engineering expertise, in the field of water / electrical engineering with a flexible business model and an unwavering commitment to success. We do this with highly experienced engineers / architects that have a proven track record of success - in a cost-effective manner – to help our customers achieve extraordinary results. We differentiate ourselves from large Service Providers, Outsourcers, and other mid-market players by providing closed loop self-regulating renewable energy solutions, within short time spans with high value, low overhead, and flexible business model which provides maximum value to our customers. We are a 100% black owned Namibian company combining innovation based on sustainability model, providing greener solutions for southern african region. Our products and services comply with ISO certification providing quality assurance and value to our respective customers.

Our team

Our team consists of highly experienced multi national business owners with varying industry experiences from health, water, utilities and engineering.

 Geoffrey Kauta  Julia Shimwino  Moratei Mokotjo
 Geoffrey has a B.Sc. Hons in Water Engineering and Utilization. He has over 18 years Engineering consulting.  Julia has MSc in Biochemistry.  Moratei has 14 years Engineering consulting experience gained from exposure to diverse industry sectors such as Public Sector, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil And Gas, Telecommunications & Professional Services.


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